People’s Republic of China: A Model Project Development Fund for Public-Private Partnerships

In May 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a project library containing 1,043 local government PPP projects, with a total investment of CNY1.97 trillion (around $320 billion). In total, the PRC’s local governments had announced around 2,000 planned PPPs by mid-2015. In September 2015, the Ministry of Finance announced a second batch of 206 demonstration PPPs with a total investment of CNY0.66 trillion yuan (around $100 billion). These projects are extending the PRC’s PPP model well into the new areas of the economy such as education and elderly care, and introducing new approaches such as the government pay PPP. The implementation of these PPPs is now a priority for both the delivery of public services and helping maintain the PRC’s new “normal” rate of economic growth…..

Full Report at ADB


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