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Focused on delivering and integrating the best of method, process and technology into critical high demand markets, working to ensure that the ever evolving leading edge of solutions and technology can be applied in the fastest, most secure, most value focused manner. Providing best in class solutions to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Governmental and Industrial Conglomerates.

Strategic Efficiency Consortium Workgroups

Strategic Efficiency Consortium Security Workgroup

The Strategic Efficiency Consortium Security Workgroup is a group of subject matter experts (SME) working together to achieve specific goals that align to member needs and areas of interest. The group is specific and focused on Security-driven discussions, activities and presenting their philosophies, policies and procedures to related users. This group addresses key Security aspects of:

  • The Human and physical factors that are overlooked
  • Cyber Security Metrics
  • Education and Employee Awareness
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities and Mitigation strategies for ICS
  • Intelligence and Analysis
  • Compliance to Regulations and Adherence to Best Practices
  • Services for implementing solutions

The common goal of this workgroup is to create informational documents, enhance industry standards, provide resolutions to problems raised by industry and research and funding of innovative ideas.

Strategic Efficiency Consortium Operational Efficiencies Workgroup

The Strategic Efficiency Consortium Operational Efficiencies Workgroup is a group of subject matter experts (SME) working together to develop the set of parameters and overall description for various industrial/utility owners to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. An important factor of any industrial organization is its profitability in delivering its products or services that constitute real value to the customer; for governmental organizations it’s the ability to keep the rate of increase at a minimum.
Three parameters that affect optimal performance are the focus of this workgroup; equipment optimization, operating procedures and control optimization.

  • Advanced automation technologies are assessed in how they allow end users to achieve high quality products while operating at maximum profitability targets.
  • Research and analysis of dynamic modelling, simulation and optimization recommendations for the various processes are discussed and finalized into a white paper.
  • There are proven techniques for creating sustainable operation environments that depends on process integration, optimization methodology, analysis and implementation.

This workgroup dives into areas that range from Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to supply chain optimization that include life cycle modelling from design to start-up.

Strategic Efficiency Consortium Infrastructure Workgroup

The Strategic Efficiency Consortium Infrastructure Workgroup is a group of financial, technical and project managers that work together in assessing, measuring and demonstrating the value and benefit of an infrastructure related project and how its delivery to the end user allows customers to see beyond the initial cost of implementing the project. The strategy of this workgroup is to partner with private and government entities to build, smart, modern infrastructure with a focus on preparing their region for sustainable growth and creation of new wealth.
In considering economic feasibility, affordability and growth; this workgroup establishes the framework for data collection of existing infrastructure conditions, understanding private and public development and recognizing the financial capacity of the region, all which must be aligned to best management practices for success. Conduct a series of working sessions with workgroup members and other stakeholders as deemed appropriate to fully understand the issues related to infrastructure development within the context of the workgroup focus. With the North American region facing an infrastructure crisis that is compounded by a lack of funding; this group also focuses on how various structures of public private partnerships can developed for participating and resolving this crisis. The challenge is ensuring that sufficient capital is available to support these critical infrastructure projects. Standardization of business terms for projects below a certain value would possibly allow more public private partnerships
This group focuses on the following infrastructure sectors:

  • Water and Wastewater facilities and conveying systems
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Smart City

Strategic Efficiency Consortium  Advisory Workgroup

SEC Management Consulting

  • Risk Consulting
  • Corporate & Strategic Value Consulting
  • Financial & Corporate Finance Advisory / Project Finance Advisory

SEC Capital Management Advisory

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Management Advisory
  • Asset Management Advisory

SEC Enterprise Advisory

  • Start-Up Advisory / Deal Advisory / Technology Advisory
  • Innovation & Tech Startups Advisory
  • Performance & Process Improvement Consulting
  • Transformation & Change Consulting
  • Strategy & Operations Consulting
  • Models & Opinions Consulting
  • Supply Chain & Sourcing Consulting
  • Digitization & Automation Consulting

SEC Industrial Advisory

  • Industrial Management Consulting / Industrial Markets Consulting


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