About Us

The Strategic Efficiency Consortium (SEC) is focused on delivering and integrating the best of method, process and technology into critical high demand markets, working to ensure that the ever evolving leading edge of solutions and technology can be applied in the fastest, most secure, most value focused manner.


The Strategic Efficiency Consortium (SEC) is a membership consortium that has a deep focus to develop the technical frameworks, relevant partnerships, financial structures and overall capability to make leading edge, best of breed technology an innovative, value focused, integration ready solution to governmental and non-governmental entities for their infrastructure demands. The SEC continuously builds upon and delivers measurable solutions that satisfy internationally accepted technical standards and provides a framework that meets the investments strategies of private and public funding agencies. Regional partners allow the SEC to tailor solutions to the end users that understand and satisfy local market conditions, political culture, cultural environments, community involvement, and fosters the development of the regions businesses and leverages the availability of local resources.

Our Vision and Mission

Focus your resources on what you do best and partner for the rest.

The Strategic Efficiency Consortium (SEC) acts as an instrument for encouraging and coordinating collaborative delivery of services and initiatives. Our members’ ability to work within a consortium structure provides for better client-centered services, funding and financial service advantages, strategic advantages and operational efficiencies. The SEC utilizes member firms’ existing infrastructure to mitigate risk and fluctuations in performance that allows public funding agencies or private capital to deem our solution as least risk.

Ideas and Innovation Development

One of our major focuses and activity of this Consortium is to accelerate the testing of ideas, innovation, implementation methodologies and technology to provide greater opportunities to the open market and allow members to become pioneers in applying new services, processes and products to give them greater operational efficiencies. Researching, identifying and determining the feasibility of market opportunities for our members is key; presenting a best solution to customers through the approach, team members and technology that we identify shall be deemed the most economical, appropriate and effective option that customers will receive. This collaboration by members allows the objective of developing solutions to common issues through pooling of resources to achieve a common goal and ultimately allows further growth of all members. We endeavor to foster the environments where our members can build world-class, globally competitive, differentiated and profitable businesses that matter to customers.


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