PPP Canada: Federal P3 Screen

In Budget 2011, the Government of Canada announced that federal departments and agencies are now required to evaluate the potential for using a P3 for large federal capital investments. All infrastructure investments creating an asset with a lifespan of at least 20 years and having capital costs of $100M or more will be subjected to the Federal P3 Screen to determine whether the P3 approach may be a suitable procurement option. Should the assessment conclude that there is P3 potential, the department or agency will be required to develop a P3 proposal among possible procurement options.

This document is meant to assist federal departments and agencies in complying with this new screen requirement by providing a consistent and systematic approach for assessing the P3 suitability of capital investments. An equally important objective of this document is to support the efficient use of analytical resources by ensuring that they are not expended on the consideration of P3 procurement for assets that are not compatible with the model.

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PPP Canada: P3 Business Case Development Guide

PPP Canada created this P3 Business Case Development Guide to assist project sponsors who apply to the P3 Canada Fund in developing and submitting comprehensive and robust P3 business cases in support of their funding application.

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PPP Canada: Federal Screening Matrix

The P3 Suitability Screening Matrix is meant to assist departments as they assess capital projects for P3 potential. The screening matrix asks the user to consider 14 questions and enter a score for each question. Considerable effort has been made to ensure the questions/criteria do not overlap with one another, that they do not repeat, and that users are provided with objective indicators for each question. While we have also attempted to craft the evaluation criteria so that the screening can be completed based on readily available project information that would be developed through the conventional project planning process, some of the criteria may require a more in-depth understanding of a wide spectrum of P3 delivery models and an awareness of the P3 market in Canada. PPP Canada is readily available to provide this additional context as well as discuss support federal departments and agencies as they undertake the screening of their proposed capital projects

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