Israel’s Big Impact on the Internet of Really Important Things

With more than 1,000 new startups founded each year and a tech sector that employs nearly 300,000 people, Israel’s startup nation has produced interesting sources of innovation. Companies like Precog, Plataine, nJoin, Imubit, ICS2, Liola Tech and DeepSense are focused on optimizing industrial processes in power and manufacturing. The industrial cyber security sector in Israel has grown significantly too, with startups such as Indegy, CyberX, Waterfall, Scada Fence and Team8 building solutions to secure critical infrastructure.

The Israeli digital health sector is also booming, with over 250 digital health startups focused on redefining sensors, applications, big data, machine learning and AI. The rich and accessible medical records data in Israel is helping fuel this growth. HMOs such as Clalit, one of the largest in the world, brings bring 24 years of universal, longitudinal EMR data that startups can access in order to develop and test their solutions.

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Israel's Big Impact on the Internet of Really Important Things


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