WEF: 13 game-changing African infrastructure projects

Sample these numbers. Transport costs are 100% higher in Africa. Only a third of the population have access to electricity—in rich countries this rises to between 70-90%. Just 6% have access to the internet, compared to 40% in other developing nations. Despite its rich water resources food security is a constant thorn in the flesh, but only 5% of agriculture is under irrigation.

Such infrastructure gaps continue to weigh down the continent, reducing the dividend from its brisk growth of the last two decades.

But some countries—and mega investors too—are making huge progress in reducing the size of the deficit.

Key Projects inlude:

Ethiopia light-rail system – The transport system was built over three years by the China Railway Group Limited after the Ethiopian government secured 85% of funding from the Export-Import Bank of China.

Morocco’s solar plant – The NOOR solar thermal plant cost $894 million, with a final price tag of about $2.4 billion for the whole project, and an anticipated production of 2 Gigawatts, among its financiers are the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Egypt’s ‘new’ Suez Canal – $9 billion project cutting waiting time for vessels from 18 to 11 hours, and doubling revenue for the country to $13.2 billion by 2023.

Guinea’s hydropower dam – $526 million Kaleta hydroelectric plant, output of 240 MW, the dam, 75% funded by China

Sudan agribusiness project – estimated to span 130,000 acres when complete

Puntland airport – refurbishment now allows for large aircraft to land

Zimbabwe dual-carriageway – dual-carriageway, it leads to the country’s main airport

Dangote Cement plants – commissioning last year of multi-million dollar cement plants in each of Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania by African transnational investor Aliko Dangote

Ethiopia-Djibouti railway – 756-kilometre line by a June deadline; electrified $4 billion railway connects Addis Ababa to its main port of use, Djibouti.

Standard Gauge Railway Kenya – to connect on to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan; 609-km standard gauge $3.4 billion line

Lake Turkana Wind Project – 300MW wind farm; – the largest wind farm project in Africa – $680 million.

N2 Gateway Housing project SA – to be completed in 2017, the multi-billion rand housing project has already delivered 14,000 units, with a target of 22,000.

Ethiopia airport expansion – Ethiopia is currently expanding its main airport; $350 million – precursor of a planned second $4 billion airport.

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