With new market opportunities, continuous economic challenges, regulatory requirements and an increased burden to improve risk management effectiveness, many organizations are recognizing the need to transform their internal audit and risk management functions. Organizations are exposed to a greater degree of compliance risk than ever before and by leveraging this platform into the risk management auditing strategy, stakeholders will now have an advantage to rapidly assess and achieve compliance. These compliance programs are critical for monitoring and assuring that an organization is verifying that their business processes reflect their documented policies and procedures; this platform provides objective insight, improves efficiency by driving frequent review of processes, evaluate risks and ensures compliance.
Utilizing a platform that will help organizations streamline and automate processes required for risk assessment and compliance projects by collecting and centralizing data relating to technology assets, such as software and equipment as well as non-technology assets such as people, processes and physical assets within the organizations to asses risk is becoming a critical need across industry. The depth and quality of risk management compliance has conventionally been tied to budget and training of resources. As enterprises have grown vertically (digitally) and horizontally (critical suppliers), key stakeholders are demanding valuable risk insights across digitally connected ecosystems. Enterprises can now automate and scale their risk management strategy across the enterprise supply chain effortlessly. This platform empowers functional teams to manage an evergreen landscape of client and regulatory-driven risk requirements by automating risk assessments in the cloud.

Security Risk and Compliance Management Platform shall Automate Security Risk and Compliance Management
The Platform shall automate the complex risk management process of assessing the current state of cyber security defense and shortens the time-to-compliance. By automating the security risk assessment process, the Security Risk and Compliance Management Platform offers clients the ability to:
 Identify Information Security Risks Quickly: Platform Dashboard provides at-a-glance real-time views for key team members to see intelligent risk scoring, missing controls, and potential impact of cyber security threats.
 Reduce Complexity through Automation: Platform reports on the completion of each step in the process from uploading the regulatory and client-driven requirements, to risk assessment, to planning corrective activities, to meeting the requirements.
 Provide a Collaborative Platform: Environment allows assigned stakeholders to login and monitor compliance management across multiple data sources, internal assets, and vendors.


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