McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions Report Forecasts Changes

The report illustrates an ever-evolving threat landscape, in which applications and prominent operating systems are hardened to attacks, but attackers shift their focus to less prominent but critical attack surfaces, innovative attack styles, and new device types. Researchers depict enterprises building out their complex security defenses and comprehensive policies, while attackers target the weak security of employees working remotely. Nation-state actors continue to drive development of the most sophisticated attacks through firmware, espionage malware, and detection evasion.

The cybercrime-as-a-service ecosystem discovers, mutates, and sells these advanced capabilities and support infrastructure to all comers, including the least sophisticated malicious actors, on the burgeoning dark web. And, while courts and legislatures continue to move slowly to protect individuals and organizations, there are the positive prospects of threat intelligence collaboration that provides organizations real advantages versus their adversaries.
This collective view reveals short- and long-term implications for organizations and an IT security industry working to keep pace with business opportunities and technology challenges, while fighting off the threats attackers launch to take advantage of them.

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‘McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions’ Report Forecasts Changes

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