ICIT Brief: Combatting the Ransomware Blitzkrieg with Endpoint Security

Ransomware, the weaponization of encryption, has struck fear and confusion into the hearts of PC users and critical infrastructure communities alike. While it is impossible for organizations to prevent malware from infecting their networks, those who deploy a multi-layered security strategy and teach proper cybersecurity hygiene to their employees have a strong chance of defending against these types of attacks. This brief, entitled “Combatting the Ransomware Blitzkrieg: The Only Defense is a Layered Defense – Layer One: Endpoint Security”, will focus on the critical role endpoint security plays as part of an organization’s comprehensive and holistic security strategy. The brief contains an analysis of:

– The need for endpoint security
– Vulnerable endpoints (users, personal computers, servers, mobile devices, specialize hardware and cloud services)
– Potentially vulnerable endpoints (SCADA/ICS, IoT devices, cars)
– Endpoint security
– Selecting an endpoint security strategy

The following experts contributed to this brief:
James Scott (Sr. Fellow & Co-Founder, ICIT)
Drew Spaniel (Visiting Scholar, ICIT)
Dan Waddell (ICIT Fellow – Director, Government Affairs, (ISC)2)
Greg Fitzgerald (ICIT Fellow – Chief Strategy Officer, Cylance)
Rob Bathurst (ICIT Fellow – Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Cylance)
Malcolm Harkins (ICIT Fellow – Global Chief Information Security Officer, Cylance)
Ryan Brichant (ICIT Fellow – CTO, ICS, FireEye)
George Kamis, (ICIT Fellow – CTO Federal, Forcepoint)
Stacey Winn (ICIT Fellow – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector, Forcepoint)
Thomas Boyden (ICIT Fellow – Managing Director, GRA Quantum)
Kevin Chalker (ICIT Fellow – Founder & CEO, GRA Quantum)
John Sabin (ICIT Fellow – Director of Network Security & Architecture, GRA Quantum)
Rob Roy (ICIT Fellow – Public Sector CTO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Stan Wisseman (ICIT Fellow – Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Cindy Cullen (ICIT Fellow – Security Strategist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Stan Mierzwa (ICIT Fellow – Director, Information Technology, Population Council)

Read Full Report here

Download the brief here: http://icitech.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ICIT-Brief-Combatting-the-Ransomware-Blitzkrieg2.pdf


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