BSA EU Cybersecurity Dashboard Report – Germany

The purpose of this report — the first-of-its-kind; BSA EU Cybersecurity Dashboard — is to provide government officials in each of the EU Member States with an opportunity to evaluate their country’s policies against these metrics, as well as their European neighbors.
Germany has a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, adopted in 2011 and complemented by a strong cybersecurity legal framework. The existence of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), in charge of managing computer and communication security for the German government, is a clear demonstration that cybersecurity is elevated to a high government level. Germany also has a network of CERTs, with the national CERT, CERT-BUND, working closely with both state-level and non-governmental CERTs.
Furthermore, the country has well-developed public-private partnerships, such as the Alliance for Cyber-Security and the UP KRITIS partnership, and its national policies and legal framework reflect this focus on cooperation.

See full BSA country report here: BSA EU Cybersecurity Dashboard Report – Germany


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