Organizations are advancing their efforts, investing in OT cybersecurity programs ICS cybersecurity postures are maturing – OT/IT convergence is the norm

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-ICS cybersecurity postures are maturing – 2019 trends

most organizations are now taking ICS threats seriously and are making solid progress in maturing their security postures.

42% saw their control system security budget increase over the past two years (vs. 29% in 2017).

69% have conducted a security audit of their OT/control systems or networks in the past year.

60% now proactively depend on trained staff to search out events, up 23% from 2017.

62% have a well-defined (documented) system perimeter or boundary for their OT/control systems.

51% are using continuous active monitoring to detect vulnerabilities.

44% now use anomaly detection tools to identify trends (up 9% from 2017).

45% say they are now detecting compromise within 2-7 days of the incident. 53% of those say they move from detection to containment within 6 to 24 hours.

46% say increasing visibility into control system cyber assets and configurations is a 2019 priority.

28% say implementing anomaly and intrusion detection tools on ICS networks is a 2019 priority.


-OT/IT convergence is the norm – 2019 trends

most organizations now embrace OT/IT convergence – while there’s still much to do as organizations work to align their corporate priorities and maintain their budgets.

65% say the current OT/IT collaboration level is moderate or better.

54% say the CISO/CSO establishes security policy around OT assets while, for 42%, the IT manager bears primary responsibility for implementation of the related controls.

60% of organizations first consult a variety of internal resources when signs of an infection or infiltration of their control system cyber assets or network are detected.

84% either have implemented, are implementing or plan to implement a strategy to address OT/IT convergence.

30% say investing in general cybersecurity awareness programs for employees including IT, OT and hybrid IT/OT personal is a top priority for 2019.

27% say bridging IT and OT initiatives is a top priority for the year.


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